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The Secret Sauce to Creating Wealth Doing What You Love
Unleash Your Success in Just 28 DAYS!

Only $29 – Special Introductory Offer
(regular value $197.00)

Introducing a step-by-step roadmap for achieving deep and lasting success. A simple yet powerful process to finding passion and purpose that will change your life down to your core. Turn yearning, wishing, and seeking into creating wealth doing what you love. This program is practical and spiritual. You will discover your unique talents, and unleash your greatest desires...NOW.


Imagine the tremendous value for you to finally unleash what you want to achieve - what really matters to you - and then being able to monetize it? It is priceless. You will learn to break free, discover, and fulfill what you are meant to create from your higher power, then kick your project off the ground once and for all.


People Are Already Experiencing Incredible Results Using
The Techniques You Will Learn In This Program!


Whatever it is you want to do - you can do it now. Start by breaking through walls you've built and take action.  This program will be delivered to you via email over the course of 2-months, with powerful content and meaningful exercises which bring you immediate results.


Start taking action to discover your true passion and purpose!


Begin this powerful program TODAY







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  • Step-by-step roadmap
  • Blueprint for life
  • Powerful, practical, spiritual
  • Immediate results
  • Discover your passion and purpose NOW


Resume Attraction Crash e-Course
(A do it yourself resume program)

Only $29 – Special Introductory Offer
(regular value $149.00)

Cutting edge strategies for a resume that gets you
in the door and turns you into a sought after asset


Follow These 4 Easy Steps to Super Charge Your Career Success Today!


By listening to and reading the contents of this course and most importantly, by taking the recommended ACTIONS, you will begin down the path of supercharging your career, income, and reputation forever.  This course is so packed with information that you won’t see anywhere else, all aimed at making you stand out and become sought after in your profession so a steady stream of opportunities come knocking at your door…forever!  The many resources and strategies in this course are all tried and true and have been tested out by yours truly. 

Here is what the e-course includes:


Step 1:  “New Resume Attraction Formula Revealed” audio training from a highly sought after Microsoft Recruiter.


Step 2:  “Resume Brilliance Crash Course” step-by-step training


  • “Proven Formula to Write Your Own Resume” audio training
  • “Workbook to Write Your Own Resume” 
  • “Mastery Resume Samples” for your reference
  • “Interview with Career-Resumes.com President” audio interview
  • “Resume Tips” transcript


Free Course Bonuses:


Step 3:  “How and Why to Present Yourself on LinkedIN” mini course


  • “Get Known on LinkedIn” audio training
  • “Sample LinkedIn Profile” document.


Step 4:  “Enhance Your Internet Presence With a VisualCV” e-book and mini course


  • Audio interview with VisualCV and learn how to enhance your presence with this FREE tool.
  • “Sample VisualCV” document. 
  • “Insider’s Guide to VisualCV” e-book




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  • Resume Attraction Formula
  • Resume Brilliance Crash Course
  • Present Yourself on LinkedIn
  • Enhance Your Internet Presence


Interviewing Coaching with Top U.S. Interviewing Expert

Only $299 – Special Offer if Booked in November
(regular value $425.00)

In-Person (Atlanta, GA) or remote Interview Coaching and Video/Audio Mock Training


Don't wait until the last minute and be ill prepared for your big interview. I have a step-by-step process that includes the absolute, most effective way for you to prepare - video /audio mock interviewing. Ace that big interview by becoming skilled and confident and increase the number of job offers you receive. Two, one-hour sessions (session one is preparation and session two includes in-person (Atlanta, GA) or remote video/or audio mock interview preparation)





  • How to stand out from the competition and effectively sell your unique competitive advantages.
  • How to interview with confidence and prepare for behavior-based interviews, the interview method of choice by hiring managers and human resource professionals.
  • How to prepare for the toughest interview questions and telephone screens through a mock interview and feedback on your answers.
  • Strategies for interview follow-up and getting and acing that second interview.
  • Success story examples:
    • A client came in 2nd in his interviews 15 times before working with me and within 3 weeks of going through my process, he received 2 job offers.
    • A woman executive was told by a recruiter that she was the long shot for a job opening. After going through my process, she got the job along with another offer at the same time.


Free Course Bonuses:






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How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job Every Time
A powerful new technique for exposing the person behind the resume

$14.95 (Paperback)


Traditional interview techniques are notoriously inadequate when it comes to providing a picture of how a candidate will actually perform on the job. Recently, an interview style proven to more accurately identify the cream of the crop has been making headlines. It's called behavioral interviewing, and it involves getting candidates to truthfully describe how they responded to past job situations to indicate how well they will handle tasks required in their new position.


Coauthored by a hiring consultant to Coca-Cola, Nortel, Siemens, and other Fortune 500 companies, How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job Every Time explains the advantages of behavioral interviewing and shows managers how to:


Identify the skills and characteristics they want in a candidate

  • Develop an interview format
  • Ask the right questions--includes 401 sample questions
  • Rate candidates by scorecard

    How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job Every Time
    Lori Davila
    "Perfect Phrases for Perfect Hiring" (Perfect Phrases Series)
    © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc





The Right Phrase for Every Situation…Every Time

$9.95 (Paperback)


Hiring the right person is crucial to business success. You need to know what to say to attract the best applicants, what to ask during the interview, and how to communicate your expectations and goals. Perfect Phrases for Perfect Hiring arms you with the right words for every stage of the hiring process-from early recruiting and reference checking, to final interviews and orientation. Using the book's hundreds of sample phrases and questions, you'll find exactly what to say and do to find just the person you're looking for.


Inside you'll find winning phrases to help you:

  • Separate the winners from the losers before the interview
  • Find out everything you need to know during the interview
  • Establish a strong working relationship after the interview


Packed with the exact phrase to express yourself in any hiring scenario, Perfect Phrases for Perfect Hiring gives you the communication help you need to get the best players on your winning team.



Perfect Phrases for Perfect Hiring: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use
Phrases for Interviewing and Hiring the Best Employees Every Time
Lori Davila
"The Right Phrase for Every Situation...Every Time." (Perfect Phrases Series)
© The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc



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