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Lori Davila is accepting clients for her personal one-on-one and e-coaching programs only on a pre-screening basis because of the very high demand. This is a serious opportunity, only available to a select group of professionals and executives who are bold enough, and sincerely want to breakthrough barriers, move into action, and who have a burning desire to be outrageously successful beyond their dreams. With these programs, I mean business.


(break free, discover, and fulfill your divinely inspired creative pursuits, career, and life burning desires).


(career assessment, state-of-the-art job search strategies, intensive interview coaching).


By believing in yourself and making the decision to take bold action steps that are in line with your passions and life's mission can mean the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary career and life and average income versus financial freedom. My coaching program works because you’ll get what we as human beings ALL need to succeed:

  1. A proven, step-by-step action oriented roadma
  2. Accountability
  3. Support like you won't believe but I'm not here to just make you feel good and let you off the hook.
  4. Commitment
  5. Focus

If you are only looking for information as a result of our working together, this program is not for you. If instead you want life changing results and transformation, send an email to Lori Davila and include your resume and salary expectations.


If your application is accepted, you will receive a proposal and program recommendation with a limited time offer as there are others committed to greatness who would like your slot. The value you will get with the right commitment in working with me is far beyond what you will pay in dollars and cents. It's up to you.

Lori Davila provides a step-by-step roadmap that is results-oriented for professionals and executives who expect outrageous success and income, and passion in their careers and lives. These programs combine revolutionary, proven methods that are hard to find anywhere else – aimed at breaking you free to achieve your desired results.

(break free, discover, and fulfill your divinely inspired creative pursuits, career, and life burning desires).


A simple, practical, and spiritual method for achieving success fast – a method that is easily available for you to access to unleash your greatest desires. Achieve lasting passion and fulfillment, outrageous success and contribution with a purpose, catapulted health, wealth, confidence, and problem solving skills that work in all areas of life, and find a joyous life filled with meaning. (This program is for those that want to accomplish something big in their lives such as landing a dream job, writing a best-selling book, or creating a wildly successful online business for example). If this is truly your vision, then what are you waiting for?


Areas of focus:

  • Step-by-step roadmap on how to access your burning desires right now;
  • Unlock the mysteries of what stands between you and your burning desires;
  • Identify your inner and outer purpose, passions, gifts, and expertise.
  • Reach what you believe to be impossible goals;
  • Do what matters and with confidence: write your book, launch your dream career, business, and lifestyle, produce your creative project, and change your life.

Throughout our work together, we will look at 3 key components that are critical to your success: accessing your burning desires with clarity, your mindset, and your inspired actions. These 3 major steps will give you the power you need to move forward in a way you've never done before in your life.


Truly extraordinary people throughout history have this in common - they live by universal principles for growth and expansion, they are guided by their inner wisdom, they have the right mindset for success, and they believe whole heartedly in themselves and their mission, and they are very focused. Your success and failure lies completely in your mental state and your ability to take inspired actions.


(career assessment, state-of-the-art job search strategies, intensive interview coaching).


Career Assessment
Knowing your personality, strengths, motivations, needs, and vision will help you make the right career decisions and identify your target, whether you want to advance in your field or change careers. Find your purpose in life and transform yourself to a higher level.



  1. Complimentary values, interests, skills, assessments.
  2. Myers Briggs assessments.
  3. Career visioning and finding your purpose exercises.
  4. Clarify Your Goals – At this step we determine what you are really passionate about and what it is you really want.
  5. Look at Options – Here we take a look at future trends and various things that the world needs to have done, taking into consideration your personal goals established in the last step. You select a few options to explore further.
  6. Research and Decision Making – At this stage you do some thorough research to help you create your ideal vision.
  7. Create a Master Plan of Action – Now that you have your ideal vision, you are ready to create a plan of action with both short-term and long-term goals.
  8. Facing the Fear – We will cover your risk willingness vs. security needs throughout this process.

State-of-the-Art Job Search Strategies
This program is for you if you are ready to conduct a job search that gets results. You get my secrets to success - a strategic plan of action and state-of-the-art tools.


  1. You have a well-written resume, you're ready to look for a new job, you don't have a marketing strategy or you have a strategy that isn't working. If this sounds like you, your job search is guaranteed to take months longer than anticipated. This can cost you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars of lost income. We develop a customized strategy that you can implement immediately.
  2. How to stand out from the competition and effectively sell your unique competitive advantages.
  3. How to interview with confidence and prepare for behavior-based interviews, the interview method of choice by hiring managers and human resource professionals. (I have written books on this topic).
  4. How to master salary negotiating techniques to get more money and better benefits.
  5. How to develop a proactive plan to take control of your career and create the financial freedom you deserve along with finding the work that you love.
  6. What to do NOW to never be out of work again.
  7. Once you land your new job, this package may transition to Assimilation Coaching to assist you in gaining early successes in your new role (companies sometimes take on this expense – cost to be re-negotiated depending on services provided).

You will also get:
Free resources/tools including a career marketing checklist, job board websites, targeted recruiter and professional association resources, sample resumes, letters, and marketing plans, values, interests, skills assessments, and resources.

Intensive Interview Coaching
Ace that big interview by becoming skilled and confident and increase the number of job offers you receive.



  1. How to stand out from the competition and effectively sell your unique competitive advantages.
  2. How to interview with confidence and prepare for behavior-based interviews, the interview method of choice by hiring managers and human resource professionals.
  3. How to prepare for the toughest interview questions and telephone screens through a mock interview and feedback on your answers.
  4. Strategies for interview follow-up and getting and acing that second interview.

I'm looking for clients that are extraordinary and are committed to making the impossible happen and who believe in themselves. To get to that state, all you have to do is MAKE THE DECISION.


I'm not here to ONLY listen to how bad things are, the excuses, the buts, and I can't do that because.


I want to work with people that want to make a difference in the world and believe there is something big they want to accomplish.


As human beings, we all have fears, blocks, limiting thoughts, and doubts. By overcoming these and by taking BOLD, INSPIRED ACTIONS, only then can we make a difference and have passion in our lives.


PROGRAM OPTION 1 – ONE-ON-ONE COACHING (for faster results)
Coaching programs consist of 2 - 3, 45-minute scheduled telephone sessions per month, homework assignments, and email support.

E -Coaching program consists of 2 “e-sessions” per month sent to you via email with homework assignments and email support.


P.S. Take action now. Whatever it is. I know you’re not just reading this for the heck of it. If your action step is to apply for my programs, you now have an idea of what I expect. I’ll need to know I can count on you....and please know you can count on me.



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